Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Can You be "Just a Little Bit Diabetic"?

Perhaps you stumbled upon this blog because of its title…

Just a Little Bit Diabetic.

Can one be "just a little bit diabetic"?  Isn't that sort of like being "just a little bit pregnant"?

I mean…you either are…or you're not.

In December, after weeks of feeling crummy…irritable and angry…tired and lethargic…I made an appointment with my primary care physician (PCP) to find out what was going on with me.  (I was also feeling like my heart was skipping a beat.)

An EKG did show an irregular heart beat (but no sign of cardiac damage) and lab work was ordered.  When the results came back my A1c was flagged as "pre diabetes" (6.1%).

Not terrible.  But not great either.  And definitely "fixable".  And in my OPINION (I know many that disagree with me) "pre-diabetes" is diabetes…at its earliest stage.

As a 3x gestational diabetic mellitus (GDM) mama that had to finger prick 5 times a day and manage my carbohydrate intake, exercise, and oral medications, I know a little bit about living with this disease.  It's not fun.  It's not fair.  But it is life.

So, while some might consider me just a little bit diabetic or not even diabetic at all, I'm taking this recent diagnosis seriously and making the lifestyle changes necessary to delay (and maybe even prevent) a full-blown Type 2 diagnosis.

July 2010--Night Before Delivery
Just a "little bit pregnant"!  *smile*
(GDM pregnancy #3)

BTW…in case you're wondering…I did a great job keeping all my babies below 9 lb.!


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