Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thoughts About Sweets

I'll be the first to admit it…

…I have a horrible sweet-tooth!

More often than not I will pass over the chips/popcorn/pretzels for an additional serving of cake, cookies, or pie.

Oh…and I love creamy too!  You know…pudding, mousse, hot cocoa with lots of whipped cream!

But, while I may be a sweets eater over a salty eater, I do not blame my taste buds for being borderline Type 2 diabetic.

Diabetes is a complicated disease and the contributing factors are as varied as the patients.


I have a real problem with the role that advertising and social media plays in promoting fast…overly-processed...unhealthy foods.

Even some "low carb" websites fall victim to the whims of Americans who crave these sweet…salty…and starchy foods.

As I have struggled with my own blood sugar readings over the past 10 years, I find that when I go to "low carb", "Paleo" type diets I can actually curb my craving for sweets.  But when I give in and eat these types of foods, even the ones labeled "sugar free", I set myself up for failure.

Do you have that same struggle?

Do you find that if you are constantly bombarded by images of sweet treats (or salty…starchy) that it encourages you to seek out those types of foods and thus "fall off the wagon" so to speak?

Recently, I "friended" a low carb group on Facebook.  

I was so excited because I have been struggling with preparing meals for my entire family as I am very strict about my own carb intake.  (And yes, I agree with you that my husband and kiddos would benefit from low carb eating as well.  Baby steps, my friend, baby steps!)

So imagine my disappointment when images with recipes like this continually pop up in my feed:

(The caption on the Facebook link read:  Sugar Free, Grain Free, and Delicious".)

Funnel Cakes?  Really?

Am I crazy here or do you agree that this type of thing continues to promote unhealthy eating?

Don't get me wrong...

…I love me some funnel cake.

That I share.

At the carnival.

With my four other family members.

Yes.  One Funnel Cake for the entire family.

The last thing I need to be doing is making funnel cakes for each family member on a Friday night during family movie night.

In fairness, this is not a diabetes food management website.
It's a "low carb" eating page for all types of people…most who are not Type 1, 2 or Gestational diabetic.

Still, I don't think the constant promotion of these types of foods is good for anyone, diabetic or not.

My biggest concern with food recipe links like these are that they do not encourage folks to change their eating habits…challenge their taste buds with whole-raw-from the earth type of foods…or commit to going sugar free.  Rather, they continue to promote satiation through starchy, sweet, or salty foods.

At least can we agree to save the funnel cakes for the county fair?


  1. Lovely to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog.. Pop on over anytime :)

  2. Yes! We have to relearn how to eat healthy, not try to recreate junk food in a healthier way. My husband is always like "If it's supposed to taste like chicken, then I'll just eat chicken". Why make chemically packed sugar-free or fat-free or carb-free candy when you can just eat sweet fresh fruit as a treat instead? A clean whole diet is so much better. Just focus on what you can eat, and how you can exercise, and the "can'ts" will fade away. you're gonna do awesome!!

  3. Hi Val! This is a great blog!! I have been Type 1 Diabetic for 15 years now...and things will get better for you. I have a terrible sweet tooth, too! Stevia is my friend:) I wanted to share a book with you {you may have already heard of it.} It is Trim and Healthy Mama, and boy does it work! The meal plan is amazing for the blood sugars. I use very little insulin on it and have even lost 9 pounds in the last 2 weeks. They were so stubborn!!

    I am looking forward to reading about your health journey!