Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Exercise Milestone Celebration (February)

It's the little things…right…that add up to big things?

Like drinking water instead of diet soda..

…or noshing on almonds instead of wheat thins.

It's also about all those little steps with our feet that convert to "miles" and feel-good/look-good body changes.

On January 15th, after seeing a local advertisement on my personal Facebook page to join Jazzercise,

I jumped in with both feet…

…signing up for a 6-month contract…

…and attending class the very next day!

Well, it's hard to believe, but just 1-month later I have been recognized by my local Jazzercise Group for achieving the 

"25 Classes Milestone"!

Woooo Whooo!  

I am so proud of myself!

It's hard to believe that prior to January 16th, it had been 14 months since I had last exercised.  In November of 2012 I had undergone a calf-lengthening surgery (gastrocnemius) due to severe/chronic plantar fasciitis.  Even though I got the green light to exercise at my 12-week post-op visit, I just never could seem to find the motivation to get myself moving.  

Laziness?  Perhaps.

But I think there was also a lot of fear preventing me from using my newly-healed foot and calf.

Seeing that ad for Jazzercise and getting those poor lab results for my fasting glucose and A1c levels really helped to motivate me to take control of those things in my ability to control.  Exercise is definitely in my ability to control.

So, each month, I hope to check in with a different exercise celebration.  

It's not about how many miles or classes, but about the fact that I love myself enough to take care of me!

This was the image, posted on Facebook with my name tagged, to celebrate my 25 Classes Milestone!

What have you done to love yourself today?  Just Begin!

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